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Sacred Place

This is a piece for creative writing. I'd like to know what everyone thinks about it. Comments are loved to death.

    This place is one filled to the brim with sorrow, and sadness, overflowing with it, really. You can taste the blood in the air, smell the millions of salt water tears that have been spilt in vain, in a sore attempt to keep loved ones from dying in order to save the world.
    Heh, what bullshit. Save the world? Save it from what? The destruction the very people they’re trying to save are bringing upon it? No one can stop that, not until every insolent pig is stopped, and to stop them would be to stop that mission those loved ones so adamantly strive to fulfill.
    Why? You were once one of them, so blindly following what others told you must happen, to keep the world spinning the right way. Did you ever ask why that was? Did you even stop to think about my personal world, your own? They’ll both stop spinning altogether if you die, and instantly, you only see the possibility of prolonging the world’s longevity.
    You’re too selfless. You couldn’t think of yourself if you tried. It’s the only reason, at first, that I accompanied you, but now, I see just how foolish this trip has become. I see the purpose of this for what it truly is. At least, I no longer find it to e the understandable, inevitable truth that everyone listens to and follows.
    I try to explain this to you, holding onto your arm for dear life. I’ve been talking for so long, your arm is warm in my tight grasp, holding you from the doors that lead to the tomb. A creature’s soft, hungry snarl sounds from the other side snarls, reminding me just how it is that I convince you to turn your back on the damn world, and think about your own life for once.
    “Please. Let someone else sate it. You can’t die.” I finally mutter, my voice still straining from being so silent for so long, and suddenly speak so long. Another snarl from being the grand doors of walnut, this time louder, irritable, almost as if it knows I’m preventing it from enjoying it’s first meal in ages.
    You fix me with those innocently blue eyes, head tilting slightly to the side, as a slight breeze picks up from the nearby shore, carrying the scent of salt and pine past us, swirling around us both, covering up the coppery, metallic smell seeping from inside the temple. “Why?”
    It’s a simple enough question, and yet, one I cannot answer with such a simple answer. I release your arm, almost as if contact is painful, as painful as the debate raging in my mind. How to tell you? How to tell you that my heart’s started to race faster every time we cuddle up together to sleep in the brisk night air, how I’m always sort of light-headed when you act too happy, or flash another of your soft, and yet blindingly beautiful smiles my way. How I can’t follow tradition so easily now, now that I risk losing the one thing in my life that has actually become something more than either a tool, or something precious to simply protect, and not examine for its personal value to me.
    “Because.” I look down, trying to focus more on the different sort of dirt that falls all around this place, a mixture between the ash that falls from the volcano, sand from the beach, and red dirt, clay dug up from years of relentless wind. It doesn’t work, only because I’ve been watching the ground for the longest time, not brave enough to see what I might just lose.
    You lift a hand, fragile, cold, sculpted as only one as finely bred as you can possess, and lift my head, all the tenderness in the world present in the non-forceful gesture. Again, I’m pierced by your blue eyes, asking me to explain myself, without you having to utter a word.
    The doors behind you shudder and groan as the beast, aware its meal is being convinced to leave, tried to leap through the sealed doors, and take you away without another thought. I realize just how important it is to get you away as soon as possible. “Because, I can’t bear to lose you. Haven’t I explained that?” I have been talking for a while, almost too long for my voice to support the words.
    The heavens above now seem to know what may happen, growing dark with angry clouds, a low rumble, much like that of the feral creature inside, breaking forth from the clouds, forewarning us. The breeze turns colder, sharper, nipping at any of our bare skin, turning the metal I wear as protection biting into my skin, growing almost tighter in the suddenly frigid air.
    I reach up, taking your hand away from my face, and grip it tightly, moving you behind me. The wood on the large door is splintering, the groans of protest becoming weaker with every leap the creature makes against it.
    You have an air of protest, and you begin to tell me to just allow you to do what you are meant to do, but I can’t, just can’t. This cathedral’s holy ground has been covered with the blood of many innocents, but I will not allow yours to feed the near wasteland.
    The ‘blessed’ place that is losing a battle with it’s charge stands over us, seeming to almost grow taller and more formidable. It’s almost accusing, knowing that I want to defy the very ‘gods’ that say you must die.
    Another snarl, louder, angry, a growl that’s almost human with the emotions that race through it. It’s accompanied by a crack of thunder, a flash of lightening, and another crack, this one closer, harsher. The walnut door has splintered far too much, and we can both see the gleaming incisors of the creature, the smell that had once just been a light wafted now pushing down on us full force with the new escape. I hear you nearly gag behind me, and stiffen when the creature sniffs the air, knowing your close by.
    The clean blood you possess is a near dead giveaway to it.
    My hand fumbles for the hilt of my sword, freezing steel pushing through a glove to my hand, meeting my warm skin in an almost blistering reaction. Then, rain starts falling, dampening the earth. I take a step back, inevitably forcing you to, as well. We need to get away, but I see the creature disappear from the crack, bombarding the nearly broken barricade with another leap and a crash as the wood gives way fully. It stumbles onto the ground, rolling before it’s on it’s feet.
    It’s distinctly wolfish, though the thoroughly human eyes glare at us with almost startling intelligence. Another clap of thunder over head, and when the lightning chases after the sound, the creature leaps at us, and I instinctively draw my sword. It meets the creature’s head, as it’s jaws clamp around my neck.
    I cough, and stumble in an attempt to remain upright. The wolf has already fallen, and I heard you just gasp and stare at me, unsure what to do, if anything. I fall to my knees, one cough turning into a series, and I clutch at my throat. You pull me into a hug, now begging me, pleading me not to die.
    I know I shall though. This place, drenched in countless innocents blood, will eventually regain the glory it once held long ago, before such a malevolent creature made it it’s home. You’ll keep on living, and die at a ripe old age. I’ll wait for you in the spirit realm, at this place. It’s become sacred already in my mind.
    Not because of the death, nor because the killer is dead as well. No, just because of the look in your eyes, and the words that rest unspoken atop your pleas that fade out of my hearing. You love me as I love you, and as I die in your place, I realize just how sacred this ground must be, to have answered my prayers and keep you safe from harm.
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