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Let me out!" He cried, throughing him against the metal frame of the door, fingers blindly seeking for any mar against the seamless blockade. He whimpered, letting his head rest against it finally, his pounding dying down. "She needs help..."
    The lack of response reminded him what they expected of him. He couldn't, just couldn't! But, the silence also made him remember just who was watching him, and that succedded in bringing his blood to a boil. Hands that had gone lax clenched again, and he stood up straight.
    He glanced over in a corner, where a comatose girl lay, curled up. The man made his way to her side, and knelt. A shaking hand raised and cupped her cheek, stroking it. Her body flinched away in memory of what had happened. Quickly, his hand withdrew, and he frowned slightly. He could feel the poison in the air affecting him, and he knew  it was even more quickly taking her from him.
    And no one would do that. Ever.
    Once more, he stood, and called out with hollow resignation. "I'll do it. Give me my weapon."
    The door slid open, a grating sound crashing through the room and cringed. Everything had been so quiet.. A sword was thrust through, and then the metal door closed again, with a clank.
    He closed his eyes with a sigh, and scooped it up, a familiar feeling of calm washing over him. "Ivy, forgive me. But I swear, I'll kill every last bastard that did this to you." He muttered, turning to her once more.
    Again, he joined her beside her. Tears tried to spring to his eyes, but he refused to seem any weaker than he already had. "And as soon as you have an army big enough to overtake this world and the next, I'll join you." Still murmuring, so those eavvsdropping bastards couldn't hear him. He inclined his head, pressing his lips to her forehead. "Until then, sleep, gather your rest. When we meet again, the world will fall."
    He killed her quickly, though avoiding her fragile heart he had tried so hard to keep beating for so long. The door slid open again, albiet quieter, as if knowing in whose prescence it was in. The entire room dankened in the new arrival's mere aura, while the newcomer appluaded slowly, as if bored by such a spectacle.
    "Nero, I'm disappointed in you. You so brutally destroyed all your other victims, I expected a blood bath against someone so defenseless."
    "I did what you wanted of me." It was a low whisper. He did what he needed to do, they both would've died anyway! But -
    "I see that."
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