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Been using this wonderful little website : where you set the timer, how many words you wanna write (if you have a limit you wanna reach - apparently wonderful for NaNoWriMo). Then there are three different punishments. Light - It gives you a prompt box gently prodding you to keep writing. Normal - it plays different annoying songs and sounds (among the worse are a violin screeching, babies crying and being Rick-Roll'd). Kamikaze mode - and here's where it gets fun - deletes your stuff if you stop writing. You set a grace period and get started. I've been slowly increasing the amount I write in ten minutes, and actually, I like what I wrote today. It's nameless.

"Let me go!" She yelled, pulling against the arms and legs of everyone that was keeping her back. The room stank of blood and sweat and tears. Moans echoed off of the empty stone walls and she could hear the quiet whimpers coming from her friend, guardian... lover. She had been hurt trying to help her, that was all, and now she could very well die because the princess was too weak to break from her captors.
When the whimpers had ceased, the arms holding her in place released her and she fell forward out of sheer inertia. She landed on her hands, holding her face inches from the cold stone floor where droplets of blood has fallen into sprayed ovals, dried, and now gave off a dark sort of light in the candles' presence.
Instantly, the blond scrambled to her feet, deaf to the hysterical chortles of the assassins' guild around her, and joined her bleeding guardian in the center of the damnable room. Reain was still breathing, but hardly, and reached up with one trembling hand to caress her charge's cheek.
"I'm sorry-" Reain winced, talking wasn't coming easy for her. "-Sorry, I couldn't protect you further, Olivia." The brunette's voice, normally confident and hardened with years of experience, was soft and weak with the looming idea of the reaper approaching.
Olivia Benard shook her head fervently, feeling the slight cloth of Reain's glove, slick with her blood, on her cheek. "Don't apologize! Never apologize, you hear me?" Her eyes, a rich, dark blue, stung with sudden tears at realizing that this was it. "Apologies mean you did something wrong and you didn't... you didn't." Now she was full out sobbing, taking the green-eyed guardian's bloodied hand and kissing the crimson knuckles, tasting copper on her tongue but she couldn't bring herself to care, cradling the limp hand in her own, openly crying.
"Princess." The older girl's tone was sharp. Not at all like it normally was when she spoke to the blond girl. "Don't let them see you cry. Be strong, and lead the kingdom out of these dark ages. Promise-" Her words were prematurely cut off as a bout of coughing overtook her. She was slipping away, fast, but the look in her eyes said she wouldn't leave until Olivia promised her that.
Olivia couldn't bring herself to hold back the promise, force Reain to pull through. So she just nodded slightly and dropped her head.
The brunette gave a weak, but loving smile, and then seemed to sigh as her last breath escaped. The gloved hand went limp in Olivia's hold and the princess bit back her sobs, feeling a rough hand on her shoulder.
"Alright, girly. We were nice, let you say goodbye to your lover. Now, because we've been so kind, we expect a reward from you." The man behind her chuckled. The rest followed suit. "And if you refuse, well, I guess you'll just have to watch us defile your pretty little dead friend."
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