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Sep. 5th, 2007

The Spark

This started out as another depressing story, and yet it turned into the cutest little piece of fluff I think I'll ever write. It's so simple, so repetitive that it makes you feel like brushing your teeth.

I think it's to make up for such a serious fic thirty minutes ago.

Ah well. Here's The Spark. I dislike it, but I'm not a fluffy person, to start.

Flames + Alcohol

Okay, this started out as a simple writer's block prompt I hunted out to do. It also started out as a AkuRoku fic written from Roxas's point of view. Now, there is no pair. It's just... it's there.

And I'm rather proud of it's existance.

Sep. 3rd, 2007

Ideas as of Septmber 3rd

One Shot; Original - Colored Black And White - Suggested by Daniel

Synopsis - The world has become united under one force, simply called The Government. They have altered genes so that everyone is full out colorblind, have completely mechanic defense systems, and a rule book that both compliments the Bible with many of the ideas, and competes with the Bible's length. Life seems perfect. No one argues, everyone does just as they're told.
But that's the problem. No one makes waves. At all. And those who do are hunted down, and are either brainwashed, or killed. After being interrogated, of course.
That's where the hero shows up. At least, a normal person. Once upon a time, he was as complacent and flat as everyone else. Then he sees one of these brutal attacks, these 'intrrogations' that give no chance for redemption. And suddenly, the world's colored. And people grow suspicious towards this man, and pursue him, and yet, he remains one step ahead. Until he preaches to the wrong person, in the wrong place. He's killed, but changes another person for the better.
And so the beat continues.

One Shot; Original -The Scream Heard Around The World - Based off of 'Final Command' and Crisis Core Trailer

Synopsis - The world has been at war with itself for longer than anyone can remember. Anyone. Hundreds of years, really. The smallest faction, a small group aptly named the resistance, is led by a man who no one but his closest advisors know. He blends in with the other generals.

One who is the heroine of the war, having knocked the leading power down a few notches. She was a private then, but has been promoted up to generals with that final aid to the resistance. She's given her own branch of the faction to lead, and under that branch is a man who quickly becomes her best friend. And lover.

One day, he comes in on her busily 'involved' with another of the generals. That was the last time they spoke for five months, while rumors were cast around and became solidified that the only female general was pregnant. No one knew who the father was. He knew who it was though.

Then the leading force attacked them. Almost everyone was killed. This was during an argument she started with him, and they had taken it far enough that they were safe. For now. Then, the soldiers found them and shot, aiming only to kill those who looked like threats. She was dressed in her suit, he wasn't. They aimed for her, however.

They leave, and she's still alive, but barely. She removes a gun, and explains that he was the father, that the only reason she had been with the general was because he was the true leader of the faction. She died after shooting herself in the stomach.

One Shot; Original - Walk Away - Based of off icon 'Walk Away like you always do' Written sort of like "Can't Stand':

Synopsis -  They're the best of friends, but she doesn't know why. He's a womanizer, constantly flirting with other girls. But he never once looked her way. She finally has enough and starts up an argument.

Finally, he just starts to walk away. She yells the line after him, and he stops, noticing she's near tears. He comes closer again, and she starts snapping at him, while he's slowly pulling her closer into an embrace. Finally, they're kissing, and she doesn't even know how they got there.

Poor Little White Girl

When we read To Kill A Mockingbird last year, my teacher gave us all fourty-five minutes to write a short story about prejudice. Typical rules applied, and I wrote out what I was very proud of. She never gave it back to me. I rewrote it, using a bit more language. This is the end product.

Slamming Doors

This was a fic I wrote before I even found gorgeous livejournal. Slamming doors was written after I saw a Zack Aeris picture, and, well with me? It was angsty, of course.

Diary Of Jane

This is a one-shot that was inspired by the song Diary of Jane, by Breaking Benjamin.

It's extremely angsty, and kind of violent, and has a dash of language.


Here's a fanfic I wrote - my first shounen-ai fic, in fact. This was a present for my wonderful friend Tami, and as far as I remember, she loved it. I hope you all do, as well.

Stacatto Waltz

This is something that started out as a prologue for a very neat idea I had for a very long story that would improve my fight descriptions.

Needless to say, it never really lifted off.

[Staccato Waltz] 491 wordsCollapse )

Bloody Claws

Here's another story I've posted on my main account.

Can't Stand

Okay, so I'm going to post all of my stories here. Each is going to be a different entry. So, this first night...

I'm going to have a whole lot of posts. I'm clearing out my real livejournal, plus my fictionpress. Haven't updated that thing in ages anyway.

Anyway, here's one of my oneshot's.

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